Cabin Fever: How To Create A Cabin You’re Passionate About

Is your cabin in need of a makeover?  Whether you use your cabin as a weekend getaway for rest and relaxation or as a place to sleep during hunting and fishing trips, the right cabin décor will turn your cabin into a welcoming retreat.

Think natural 

By design, most cabins are meant to be simple rather than extravagant. Think about your natural surroundings and the things in nature. Strive to incorporate as many natural elements into your cabin décor as possible.

For instance, a tabletop fountain with river rocks will evoke soothing images of an outdoor stream. An actual log cut from a tree makes a perfect mantel for above a fireplace. Wild flowers picked along a mountain trail can be dried and glued to poster board as a collage. Frame the collage in a distressed wooden frame for a delightful cabin wall hanging.

Think about your hobbies

Nothing makes you feel more at home than displaying the things you are passionate about. Turn your cabin into a hobby showcase. If fishing is your thing, display fishing poles and fishing tackle on your walls. If you enjoy boating, you can display a large boat oar on a wall or above the fireplace.

Add replicas of fish, wildlife, or boats to your cabin walls or display them on tabletops. Remember to keep it simple to maintain a calming environment. Too many items can be distracting.

Think about charm and comfort

Nature-themed quilts and blankets are the perfect way to add charm and comfort to your cabin. Choose quilts and blankets in rustic colors.  Brown, beige, antique white, and deep green are colors that work well.  Whether draped over a chair or placed at the foot of a bed, nothing is as welcoming as a warm blanket or quilt.

Quilts also make good wall hangings. Quilts can be hung on a wooden dowel and be used as the focal point of the room. Quilts can also double as kitchen tablecloths. Don't forget to add a few rustic throw pillows to your sofa and chairs.

Think about serenity

Cultivate an atmosphere of peace and serenity in your cabin. Unscented candles will add ambiance to a room without overwhelming the senses with fragrance. You can choose battery-operated candles to reduce fire risk, and many on the market today look strikingly like real candles.

Resist the urge to install electronic devices, such as televisions and stereos, in your cabin. Not only do they appear out of place in cabin décor, they create noise and take away from the natural environment you are trying to instill.

For a natural fragrance, hang bunches of sweet-smelling herbs in the kitchen or bathroom. Bay leaves, rosemary, sage, and lavender are excellent choices. They will create a subtle and soothing fragrance that is pleasing without being overwhelming.

Giving your cabin a makeover is easy when you remember to keep things simple and focus on the things you love most. A well-decorated cabin may even entice you to take a few extra weekends away this year for rest and relaxation.