Recycled Paper Note Pads

If you tend to scrawl down names and numbers when receiving phone calls or while conducting research, wasted space on each paper sheet may be disregarded and tossed away. Use a recycling strategy to repurpose paper and create miniature note pads.

Reduce Waste

Consciously make an effort to stop scribbling down information quickly and to condense writing so that it appears from the top to the bottom of each sheet. If your personalized pad contains your name or monogram, one of the printed sheets can be used to aid with designing a cover for the recycled pads.

First, use a pair of scissors to cut the monogram from one sheet. Sort through paper pages that remain in your pad, to determine if any of the sheets that have been written on contain enough space for additional notes. If so, use a ruler and a pair of scissors to cut a square or a rectangle shape from one of the pages. Use this shape as a template and cut equal-sized paper pieces from the remaining sheets that have been written upon.

Bind The Pages

An empty cereal box, an old album cover, or card stock can be used to create the cover for each mini note pad. Use one loose paper sheet that you prepared in the previous step to guide you in cutting out a top and back cardboard piece that can be used for covering purposes. If there are a lot of sheets of paper that are going to be used to create mini note pads, you may want to create a spine for each pad.

The spine will be similar to the one that a hardcover book would contain. Cut a thin strip of cardboard to use as this piece. Use glue or a stapler to secure all of the paper sheets together. Glue the cardboard spine across the back edge of the stacked pages, ensuring that the spine rests evenly between the front and back cover of each note pad that you are constructing. Use the custom printing that you removed from one of the pages, as a decorative piece for the front cover of each pad.

If you make multiple note pads, cut additional printed or monogrammed designs that are contained within the original note pad. The mini note pads are perfect for writing down notes while on the go. Keep one in your vehicle's glove compartment and slip another one into your tote bag or briefcase.

Reach out to a local crafts and hobbies store to learn more about personalized note pads.